Will To Live

Have you ever lost your will to live? Did you look under the bed? Was it in the couch cushions? Did you leave it outside to get wet in the rain like your parents always told you not to do with your bike? Maybe you just left it in your other pants, and if you […]

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SCP/SFTP and OpenSSH woes

Recently came across a problem after a server reboot where SFTP no longer worked. It was duplicated on different clients/platforms. SSH was fine, as I was able to remotely connect to debug the issue. While working on it, I enabled all debug logging that could be enabled, after reading dozens of forum posts about the […]

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Pass Along Your Culture

I grew up in the middle of no where Southwestern Ontario. We weren’t religious. We weren’t freshly immigrated from another country, though my Grandma was a war bride from England. We celebrated all the standard holidays, including the new Hallmark days. The food we ate mostly came from the local grocery store, or local farmers. Meat […]

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The How of Happy Songs

It was commented on a previous post that I should now do a “What makes you happy?” song related blog post. To be honest, this completely threw me. With the exception of a couple simple tracks, I really do not have a “Let’s get happy!” playlist. This of course queued up the sad playlist. Who […]

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Sad Songs and Why

I recently had a bad emotional day(s). Not exactly a new thing in my depressed life, but annoying none the less. I’ve had years of practice getting through them and dealt with it like I always do (which is to say, not at all, but that’s not the point here). Having work that needed doing, […]

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MySQL backups.

Need a dirt simple way to keep daily backups of ALL your MySQL databases, even if you just created it today? I needed to do this, since I host a number of WordPress blogs, plus a few other sites, all using databases. First off, you need this script: #!/bin/bash backup_dir=”/path/to/backup/mysql”; date=`date “+%d%m%Y-%H%M”`; GZIP=/bin/gzip mkdir ${backup_dir}/${date} […]

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Night Train

Sometimes we forget a few of the rules that we’ve been depending on. Forgetting to zero out your camera after each shoot. Forgetting to return to correct settings after taking a test long exposure. Then sometimes, we simply don’t realize just how little light there really is. This happened to me on this image. One […]

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Lake of Two Rivers Moon

A recent trip to Algonquin was both a challenge and a pleasure. I`ll spare you the gory emotional challenge details and leave you with the pleasure part. I checked the Clear Sky Clock to see what the cloud coverage and transparency was like. Wasn’t the greatest, but usable. It was also about 30 minutes before […]

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Between day and night.

There is that part of the evening that’s called The Blue Hour. Colours are magical and the light is perfect. But it also presents a problem. It’s still too bright to shoot long exposures in order to blur water or clouds (or anything moving for that matter). You have to bump up the aperture which […]

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New Photo and Blog usage

Going to try see if I can make more use of my blog space here and post some photos I’ve been working on. This first one is a night shot I took from right downtown Ottawa, standing on Portage Bridge, facing the Parliament Buildings. It’s a 60 second exposure taken at f8. I chose these […]

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